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Better Presentations

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How many PowerPoint presentations have you sat through this week?

PowerPoints don't cut it.

We've all seen them.

All of us are familiar with the design templates and the spinning text.

PowerPoints are just not effective.


So, what can you use the engage your audience?

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Instead, consider these tips for designing effective digital presentations:


Check out these tools:


Interactive Presentation Tools:
  • Prezi is a online presentation maker that is dynamic and engaging. Never used it? Here's a tutorial.
  • VoiceThread allows you to create a presentation using photos, audio, or video files but then make it dynamic by allowing your audience to respond using text, audio, and video.
  • Glogster is so much more than an online poster site. Glogster allows users to create online posters that have music and videos embedded in them.
Discussion and Collaboration Tools:
  • Nings - create your own social network and give your members a place to discuss ideas online.
  • Blogs - create a blog for your presentation. It will give you a place to link all of your resources as well as a place for your audience to interact with the ideas you present.
  • Wikis - create a wiki page! It's like a web page but much easier to use and your audience can post comments on your materials.
Video Making Tools:
  • Photostory 3 - easier than Windows Movie Maker.
  • Jing - snap a picture of your screen or create a video of what you have on your computer screen using Jing.
  • Animoto - upload your images, add a bit of text, pick your music and you're done! Animoto is a fun and easy program for creating videos.  The free version creates 30 second videos, but talk to your teacher. Teachers can get access to more!
  • Camtasia - record a video of what is on your computer screen and create a polish video to upload in just minutes. There is a free trial subscription.
  • Sketchcast - record a sketch and narrate it.
Quizzes and Polls:
  • Poll Everywhere - poll your audience with the use of their cell phones. So easy!
  • Google Forms - create a quiz that you can either have your audience access as a webpage or embed into another site.  Once they answer, show the audience the results!
  • Survey Monkey - another easy survey tool.
Finding Images, Music, and Videos:
  • Flickr: Creative Commons is a group that collects photos that users have uploaded and designated that these photos can be use royalty free as long as credit is given to the original source.
  • Free Play Music is a fabulous site for background music. There are hundreds of downloadable mp3 files to use with your video projects and as long as you give credit to the source, you will not be infringing on any copyright laws.
Creative Images:
  • Big Huge Labs is a site that allows you to create motivational posters, magazine covers, and much more!
  • Image Chef allows users to either add their own text to creative images or drop personal photos into creative frames.
  • Wordle turns text into a word cloud then picks out the most common words and gives them prominence by increasing their size.  Behind this simple concept lies many possibilities for use in the classroom.
Publishing Tools:
  • OpenZine helps you create an online (or printed) newspaper.
  • Do you like comics? Check out these comic strip creation sites for creating your own comics: Pixton, ToonDoo, and Comiqs.
  • Or, create your own website using Google Sites, Weebly, or Wix


Got some time on your hands? Check out this HUGE list.



Need some inspiration? Check out Ignite!

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