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Skype in the classroom (beta)


What is Skype?

Skype is a free application that allows users to make free audio and video calls through their internet connection.  Skype is a type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application, which uses your dial-up or broadband connection to make free calls over the internet. You can use Skype to connect with one person or a group. It features a chat function, file sharing, audio and video connections, and so much more.  Teachers are using Skype to connect their students with classrooms on the other side of the world, to collaborate on projects, and to share materials.


Why Use Skype?


Using Skype in the Classroom:

Below you will find examples of how teachers have used Skype with their students.  Their reflections offer insights on the benefits as well as the complications encountered when they opened up their classroom doors.



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Getting Started with Skype:

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Skype in the Classroom:

Skype in the classroom (beta)


How to create a profile and find a teacher from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.



Tools for Skype:


Making Connections:

Use these links to find other teachers and classroom projects to connect to: