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Tweet Me!

Page Contents 

What is Twitter?

          Get the low-down on Twitter from its creator, Evan Williams




  • The Basics:

o    Twitter is an online service designed to connect you with a group of friends called “followers” through short (140 character limit) messages. 

o    You select the friends you want to follow.

o    You set your privacy limit for how much others are able to see.

o    Twitter is a way to connect with others, whether they are people you know or people who share a similar interest with you that you meet through the service.

o    “Twitter is useful for close-knit groups. If you follow your friends, and they follow each other, you can quickly communicate group-related items, such as ‘I'm going to the pub on Fourth Street, come on along.’ …If you enter items into Twitter, they can be private, so only friends you've authorized can see them. Items can also be made public, which means anyone who knows your Twitter ID can read and subscribe to them.”

o    And the best part? Twitter is free. 


Setting Up An Account: 



How to Follow Other Educators:

o    Educators on Twitter is a Google Docs Spreadsheet started by edublogger Liz B. Davis

o    Twitter for Teachers is a wiki started by Rodd Lucier with the purpose of educating teachers about the use of Twitter as an educational tool and as a professional development tool 

o    Check out this wonderful resource on how to build your online learning using Twitter: "Using the Power of Twitter: Building Online Learning" 



Educators to Follow: 


  • Educators in Pennsylvania

                  o   Jennifer Ward, yeah, this is me 

o   Kristin Hokanson is the PAECT Regional Director, Keystone Technology Integrator, Discovery Educator, and Classrooms for the Future Coach for Upper Merion

o   MisterLamb is a math teacher and technology Coach from Lebanon, PA

o   Dianne Krause is an Instructional Technology Specialist in Blue Bell, PA

o   Chris Champion is technology teacher in Hershey, PA

o   Lmillershs hails from Sharon, PA, and works as a English teacher and literacy coach 

o   Nancy Caramanico is the Philadelphia Diocesan Catholic Schools Tech Director K-12

o   Chris Lehmann is the principal of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy


  • Educators Around the World

o   Will Richardson wrote a really great book titled Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms based on some of his blog posts on Weblogg-ed.  Follow him at willrich45.

o   Robert Hughes in Massachusetts puts together the Twitter page called The Teacher Page which sends out messages containing all sorts of links to lesson plans

o   Have you seen Shift Happens? Well, Karl Fisch put it together

o   With the help of Scott McLeod, a wonderful edublogger at Dangerously Irrelevant

o   Have you ever been on the Web English Teacher website? Carla Beard puts it together

o   David Warlick is a guru when it comes to education and technology.  Check out his book Redefining Literacy 2.0

o   Vicki Davis is the Cool Cat Teacher

o   Silvia Tolisano is langwitches and also writes the blog by the same name

o   Liz Davis sends out great tweets with all sorts of great links

Hickstro, also known as Troy Hicks is a professor of English at Central Michigan University and Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project. His blog Hickstro.org is also worth following

o   Mr. Mayo is a middle school English teacher who has used Twitter with students.


Educational Uses for Twitter:



o     “George Mayo, an eighth grade English teacher at Silver Spring International Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland, recently used Twitter as a tool to collaboratively write a story by his students. Mayo invited his students and students around the world via his Many Voices Twitter account to add to an ongoing story with individual ‘tweets.’ After six weeks and the help of more than 100 students and six different countries, the story was finished… Afterward he made the book available for his students to download for free.”




Applications for Twitter:

Check out this list of amazing Twitter Apps. Some of the most used applications include  

Twitter Software That You Download to your Desktop

  • Twitterific - A downloadable application which can manage multiple accounts, automatically refreshes, and sends audio notifications of new tweets.  Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • Twhirl is a popular software that can handle multiple accounts, URL shortening, crossposting to Pownce and Jaiku, post images on Twitpic, and search tweets using twitter search and tweetscan.
  • Tweetdeck uses the Adobe AIR application to let you view your replies and public tweets as well as group tweets all at the same time.

Twitter Applications to Add to Your Browser

  • Twitbin lets you receive and send tweets at the side of your Firefox browser, while
  • Firefox Search Plugin lets you post to Twitter right from your Firefox search bar.
  • Power Twitter is a plugin for Firefox that enables photo and video sharing.

Fun Twitter Applications 

  • Botanicalls is an application that enables your plants to send you a tweet to let you know when they need to be watered. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Twibes helps you let your followers build their connections by sending out a tweet with a list of your favorite Twitter friends.
  • Twubble recommends new people to follow based upon who your existing friends follow.
  • WeFollow is a site that helps you find people to follow, and you can add yourself to their directory to help others find you.
  • Twapps is a site showcasing the most popular Twitter applications.
  • Twtpoll is a simple survey application that lets you create polls and share them with your followers through a short url.
  • Tweet-a-Watt is a kit that lets you share your energy usage with your followers.
  • TwitPic allows you to share photos on Twitter.
  • Twiggit is an automated service that allows your friends on Twitter to see the articles you tagged on Digg.
  • TrackThis allows you to track packages.  Expecting something from FedEx? Track it on Twitter!



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msward said

at 10:59 pm on Mar 18, 2009

For more experienced users, try using TweetDeck to view your followers tweets.

msward said

at 11:18 pm on Mar 18, 2009

Check out the power of Twitter. I posted a "tweet" at 11pm on March 18th that I had set up this page and included in my post a link to this page. Check out how many visitors have looked at his page even before I first presented it to our group!

msward said

at 7:43 pm on Apr 19, 2009

UPDATE: I just found this great resource - http://mrdooley.blogspot.com/2009/03/teachers-twitter.html. It's the "Ultimate Twitter Teacher Resource." Check it out!

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