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Creative Writing Assignments

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WEEK : December 10-15, 2012                                                    Creative Writing with Ms. Ward


Here's a printable copy of our schedule.



December 10


  • Poet Emily Dickinson is born on this date in 1830.
  • Revising your children’s story




December 11

  • Pitch Day!
  • Writer’s Notebook: A Word
  • Children’s Book Project: Each group will “pitch” their book to the class.  We will be reading your book aloud to critique the story, and then go back page by page to fix the editing mistakes.
  • Children’s Book Project: Revise your book.  Thursday is our due date!
  • What questions do you have for our book editor online visit?


December 12

  • Novelist Gustave Flaubert is born on this date in 1821.
  • Skyping a book editor
  • Writer’s Notebook: Questions for an editor
  • Skyping with Book Production Manager at Jenkins Group, Ms. Leah Nicholson.
  • Children’s Book Project: As you finish your revision, keep in mind who you are writing for. Be sure to analyze your audience.

Thursday, December 13

  • Finishing your book
  • AT THE END OF THE BLOCK TODAY: Every student will turn in their Children’s Book packet with at least the first four pages complete.  Books should be fully illustrated and completed in our online site: http://tinyurl.com/wardbook
  • Review and comment on the Writer’s Workshop pieces in our shared folder for FRIDAY.


December 14








8 November 2012

Creative Writing Syllabus

8 November 2012

About Me Assignment and Grading Rubric 

9 November 2012 Appointment Clock and Introduction to Writer's Notebook
14 November 2012 selection from Poemcrazy on Wordpools
16 November 2012 Me and My Shadow
26 November 2012 Graded Pieces for our study of Voice
29 November 2012 Children's Book Project



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